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Montgomery Real Bread

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  • Dragon Hotel, Montgomery, Powys, United Kingdom

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A Montgomery based micro-bakery producing a range of hand-made artisan bread, free from additives, improvers and preservatives. The bread is made with unrefined flour, water, salt plus a natural leaven or yeast. The real nature of the ingredients, alongside the slow-proving method for leaven based bread e.g. sourdough, creates a product that suits many, in terms of quality, taste and dietary needs.

Ingredients are sourced locally and are organic where possible. Most of the flour used is organic, and produced at the nearby Bacheldre Mill. French flour for baguettes, generally from Shipton Mill, is used for an authentic taste and texture.

Our bread is currently available at selected quality outlets locally. Orders are welcome from individuals, retail outlets or hospitality providers. Some of our products are illustrated here but we are adding to the range of specialist breads, especially for those who are wheat, or gluten intolerant. Please contact us for details of our full range